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Full-time Hacker, Part-time Hustler, Free-time Hipster
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The Story

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Story Preview
  1. The API

url:, jangan dibuka

  • Red Square => android:id = “@+id/square”
  • wrap_content => default size of the view

image from

1. Jangan berusaha

Jangan berusaha demi menghindari pengalaman negatif. Semua hal positif dalam kehidupan dimenangkan lewat pengalaman yang berasosiasi negatif.

2. Kebahagiaan itu masalah

Pertanyaan yang menentukan kebahagiaan bukanlah “Kebahagiaan…

Image from

What is it?

“Everything that supports high quality craft, methods, and processes.”

Why should I care?

“… agile became the norm in product development, much to the detriment of designers. …

Just because Medium tells me to add header pictures. source:

Irfan Yas

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